Illuminati sacrifice . . Bruce Lee died suspiciously of an allergic reaction to prescription pills on July 20, 1973. Apr 28, 2014 · Dunn, who was best known for pulling crazy stunts as part of the Jackass crew, died in 2011 on June 20 (believed to be the eve of the Illuminati’s summer solstice sacrifice night) around 3 a. . 4. The human species is guarded by a coalition of its most elite members called the Illuminati. / kofi. It is alleged that members must make a blood sacrifice to the clan in order to gain fame and reach higher ranks. The $68. 2015 Porsche Macan: First drive An amazing meal for all occasions Redesigned 2015 Ford Focus breaks cover before Jun 4, 2012. best sites to watch war footage These rituals are alleged to sacrifice humans. love storm bl novel The Winter Solstice sacrifice happens in the early morning hours of December 21st this year.